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The Virus Alien is the alien creature that appeared in the 1999 filmVirus.

Appearance Edit

The Virus alien is a non-organic lifeform and made out of living, electrical energy. As without a physical body, it's unable to interact with the physical world. Communicating and maneuvering requires a physical body and it knows it. Its true form looks more like a collection of blue and purple lightning bolts, capable of traveling in outer space without the need for oxygen. Another ability it possess is to travel through Earth's electrical systems in this form with relative ease.

History Edit

Virus (1999 film) Edit

The creature is first seen traveling in space in its electrical form where it collides with the Russian space station Mir, killing the crew and being transmitted onto a Russian research vessel through the station and ship's satellite link. The creature takes over the ship, locking the humans out of the computers and machine shops while it learns about its new environment. The conclusion may seem to indicate that mankind is a dangerous species as the alien sees, somehow you get the feeling the alien is some sort of an extraterrestrial "immune system defense" which destroys all forms of parasites or viruses which threaten the body, but on this particular case, it may see humans as the virus. It is unknown of where or which the alien originated from, but perhaps the creature may in fact be a bio-weapon engineered by another intelligent life-form where their purpose is to wipe out the human race or other foreign creatures of other worlds.

Abilities Edit

The Virus Alien was shown to be able to make human corpses into its servants. Its main ability is that it can hack into any computer.

Weaknesses Edit

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Forms Edit







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