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The Killer Shrews are mutated shrews that first appeared in the 1959 film, The Killer Shrews. The monster got a second appearance in the 2012 sequel, Return of the Killer Shrews.

Appearance Edit

Even through the killer shrews are mutated shrews, they do not look like one. The killer shrews resemble a dog with brown fur, long fangs, long rat-like tail and a pair of small black eyes.

The design of the killer shrews got a little bit updated in 2012. Their fur got darker and their tail got shortened.

History Edit

The Killer Shrews Edit

When Dr. Marlowe Cragis was testing his experiments on shrews, he accidently mutated them into the killer shrews. The killer shrews later overpopulated the island, and they were already running out of prey. Griswold later goes out of the house where his group was in during the hurricane. It got dark outside, and the killer shrews were night predators, so a pack of killer shrews saw Griswold. They attacked him, but Griswold managed to climb a tree. The tree later collapsed and Griswold fell down as the killer shrews devoured him.

A killer shrew later manages to get in the house through an open window. The killer shrew hid in the basement, and Mario and Thorne then go down to the basement to see what's happening. Mario sees the shrew, shoots it, but it was too late. The shrew already bit Mario's leg. The others came to the basement to help, but it was too late, Mario died. The shrew was later shown trying to get up, but it gets killed by Thorne. Some time later, another shrew breaks in by burrowing the wet wall. It bites Radford and kills him, the shrew was then killed by Thorne.

From outside the house, more shrews began burrowing through the wall, and that forces the group to somehow leave the house. Jerry decides to stay on the island, as the others make an armor out of oil drums and then walk to the beach inside of the armor. Jerry was later killed by the killer shrews. The group enters water, as the shrews can't swim, and gets on Thorne's boat.

Return of the Killer Shrews Edit

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Abilities Edit

The killer shrews are shown to have a poisonous bite. The poison in their bite is really effective and kills the victim within 10 minutes. The killer shrews are also able to burrow, much like the other real life rodents.

Gallery Edit

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